Who can join?
All residents and business owners in Somerset West are encouraged to join SWNW.

What is the joining process?
You can trigger the process online here – or drop an email or call 021 840 0009
leaving your name and contact details. You will be sent an application form for completion and then put in touch with your local area Coordinator.

What ways of communication can I use?

  1. Call our Communication Centre (021) 840 0009
  2. Neighbourhood Watch Radio covering Somerset West, Strand, Gordon’s Bay, Sir Lowry’s Pass, Raithby and Faure – radios can be purchased by e-mailing radios@somersetwestnw.org.za
  3. Most of our Neighbourhood Watch areas have WhatsApp groups – once you are a member – provided you have WhatsApp on your phone – you may wish to be added to an appropriate group.

What does it cost?
Somerset West Neighbourhood Watch does NOT charge for membership and there is NO requirement for you to contribute any of your time to patrol our streets. BUT this is a group of citizens who look after one another. So by joining you are agreeing to look after those around you while they do the same in return.

However, as it is a community organisation, donations towards the running costs of the Communication Centre and/or Petrol are needed to ensure the NW can continue the work it does.

How can I make a donation?
We provide several ways to receive ‘cost free’ donations – more info is here. We thank you in advance!